Marty On The Move
Marty On The Move: TAI CHI. In this episode Marty is joined by local Tai Chi instructor Daniel Foster. Marty and Daniel discuss the benefits of Tai Chi and show you some examples of the Tai Chi form.
2nd Annual C.E.S. Rockin Ham 5k
Marty On The Move: 2nd Annual C.E.S. Rockin' Ham 5k. Marty brings you exciting footage of the 2nd Annual Central Elementary School Rockin' Ham 5k with an appearance by the Walpole Thunder Chickens. From April 2, 2016.
Sport Specific Training For Golf
Marty On The Move: Sport Specific Training For Golf. Marty travels to the Bellows Falls Country Club to give you a sneak peek of a golf specific training program that is now available at Greater Rock Fitness. Special guest Kris Cobb.


BARBARA: I have always been an avid believer in exercising and have been a member of Greater Rock Fitness for many years and just recently started working the desk as backup.  I also am at the gym five days a week; two days I do pilates classes; two days of metabolic and cardio classes and one day of Corefusion plus working with the TRX.  This training has helped immensely with my stability and strength and enables me to do the things I enjoy like snowmobiling, ice skating, sledding, swimming, and boating with my Grandchildren and gardening.  I believe exercising is great for your MIND and your BODY.  My motto is STAY ACTIVE AND KEEP YOUR BODY MOVING!!!!!!!
HELGA: Exercise has always played an important and central role in my life, especially  during those times when a busy schedule or a change in circumstances or location called for a new way to balance priorities. I have had to find creative ways to incorporate fitness into my routine and consider a gym setting a kind of luxury that offers motivation, variety and support. My primary job requires long hours at the computer, so I’ve always enjoyed running and being outdoors. I discovered that this needed to be supplemented with cross and strength training to be most effective, which brought me to the gym. Along with most of the current staff I had been a member of Greater Rock and welcomed the chance to take on a new role. I particularly admire the way this team successfully connects with the local community to encourage a healthy and positive lifestyle.
RICHARD "DICK": I have been helping members at Greater Rock Fitness since 2005.  I joined the gym in 1999 because my weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure were all on the rise.  Now that I exercise and have changed my diet, I am much healthier.  Before working at GRF, I worked for the State of Vermont and was a member of the Army Reserve for over 30 years.  When people ask me how I like working at Greater Rock, I tell them: “I call this my fun job.”
MARTY: I have worked in the fitness field for the past 15 years, starting out part time behind the desk and taking over as manager in 2000.  I am a AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, AAAI Certified Pilates Instructor and certified to teach TRX Suspension Training.  I currently teach morning classes  – teaching was supposed to be a temporary thing until we found another morning instructor…… years later I am still teaching and discovered it is my passion. I love my classes and my students. As I inspire them to work harder they inspire me to become a better teacher.  As a Personal Trainer I specialize in Done In 30 Interval Training, or as I like to think of it: training for results. I started my path to fitness like most, I wanted to lose weight…..funny thing happened along the way – I got hooked on all the other benefits of being fit; more energy, better sense of wellbeing, and functional strength. I try to instill in my students and members that fitness is much more than a number on the scale.  I am a lifelong resident of Bellows Falls and I am committed to seeing that Greater Rock Fitness provides the community with quality health and fitness options.