Marty On The Move
Marty On The Move: TAI CHI. In this episode Marty is joined by local Tai Chi instructor Daniel Foster. Marty and Daniel discuss the benefits of Tai Chi and show you some examples of the Tai Chi form.
2nd Annual C.E.S. Rockin Ham 5k
Marty On The Move: 2nd Annual C.E.S. Rockin' Ham 5k. Marty brings you exciting footage of the 2nd Annual Central Elementary School Rockin' Ham 5k with an appearance by the Walpole Thunder Chickens. From April 2, 2016.
Sport Specific Training For Golf
Marty On The Move: Sport Specific Training For Golf. Marty travels to the Bellows Falls Country Club to give you a sneak peek of a golf specific training program that is now available at Greater Rock Fitness. Special guest Kris Cobb.

About Us

Monday-Friday 5:30 am - 8:30 pm
Saturday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Closed on Sundays
  • Greater Rock Fitness is a Community Fitness Center serving the people of the Connecticut River Valley, in and around the Towns of Rockingham Vermont and Walpole New Hampshire.  We are located at the Health Center at Bellows Falls.
  • Our commitment to your experience involves much more than a facility and a workout schedule. We help you craft a lifestyle that makes you feel great about yourself, your appearance, and your overall being. Whether you are new to fitness or an elite athlete, we will nurture a relationship with you that will extend beyond the context of our training facility.
  • Our experienced, fully-certified staff is dedicated to ensuring that your fitness ideals become realities through a combination of personal training and group exercise. We will serve as your trainers, your coaches, and your friends on the path developing your health and fitness program.
  • Greater Rock Fitness is the strength and conditioning destination for your mind and body. We strive to ensure that every program we offer, every service we provide and every decision we make contributes to our goal of unparalleled customer satisfaction.